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New Month Journal Prompts

Posted by Isabella Zar on
New Month Journal Prompts

I don't do this every month, but I am trying to get better at making it a habit. It feels good to celebrate the past month, and manifest how I want to feel & what I want to achieve in the one to come. Here are the journal prompts I use to bring in the new month. Hope they help you <3


What made me smile this past month?

What was I most proud of?

What lessons did I learn?

What am I calling in more of for this month?

And less of?

What is my theme for this month?

What are my main goals?

How will I feel?

Where will I spend my energy?

How will I recharge?

What can I do to get outside myself (for others)?

What am I manifesting for this month?

This months mantra:

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