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Fungirl is on a mission to deliver smart chocolate - chocolate that will make you think, make you feel heightened. We do this through our offering of this brain-loving chocolate bar, made of only organic & natural ingredients. 

I love mushrooms, most kinds - why discriminate? I also love chocolate, but in this case, not all kinds. 

I am a certified holistic nutritionist, I haven’t always valued my health so highly (flashback to teenage years), but I do now and more than ever. 

The Fungirl journey began from a desire of wanting to create a chocolate bar that had a little magic, and would leave me feeling heightened rather than crashing. So I dove deep into the fungi (or girl) kingdom, exploring the vast world of mushrooms - I played with most of them, but kept coming back to Lions Mane because it kept me feeling sharp, clear and energised. I regard it as my queen mushroom!

After many kitchen disasters (chocolate is very specific I quickly found out) our mushroom spiked chocolate bar was born, and it quickly became something that needed to be shared. It supports your brain, creates clarity, makes you quick to think and memorise - and just makes you feel damn good about eating chocolate. It has become a ritual for me and now I'm here sharing it with you.

Ultimately, we’re building a community of chocolate optimists who believe in feeling good and doing good. Join us, eat chocolate, and feel the difference.


Isabella Zar, Founder

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