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A Note From The Founder

Fungirl Founder Isabella Zar

Hi, I’m Isabella.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that trusting your gut isn’t always easy. Especially if your body has let you down in the past.

I started Fungirl after developing ulcerative colitis in my early 20s. As a nutrition student at the time, I was eating well and staying active, taking better care of myself than I had in years. Then one day, I saw blood in my toilet. I started to lose weight, lose energy, and felt uncomfortable all the time. It was anything but fun.

When I saw a gastroenterologist, I asked all the questions, “Should I avoid certain foods? Change my lifestyle?”. I was surprised when she responded with a shrug, instead handing me a prescription. So I did what any nutrition student would do—I hit the books.

It took years of research and recipe-testing, but I am thrilled to share Gut Restore with you. I add a scoop to my morning latte, and it’s been a game-changer. I feel less bloated, more regular, and finally in tune with my body. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than that.